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As several large retail chains such as Sears, JC Penny, Macys and Radio Shack among others plan the closing of over more than 300 hundred stores in Malls all across America. The crisis grows larger with every passing day. Banks and lenders are worried about losses and this is having a ripple effect. For when these large department stores which acts as anchors to these malls close many smaller stores loose sales which means workers loose their jobs and businesses go under. What can you do to prevent becoming just another statistic? Take action quickly, have a well formulated plan in place. Do you need Financing, for expansion? Are you contemplating a buyout or a merger? Whatever your needs are we have  a lender for that.
Including Term Loans for:

                       Working Capital
                       Inventory and Equipment
​                        Advertising and Marketing
                        Debt Consolidation and much more.....
                        With funding in as fast as two business days.

The first thing that is required is to have a plan "B." Not all lenders are scared of taking risks however you will have to convince them of the soundness of your plans. prepare a business plan with backing financials. Cover a five year spread as a minimum. Have Bios prepared on all Principals or of anyone who signs of on loans. Once this is done your plans could be submitted to a lender for review. There is a growing Tsunami coming; however you need not be the one to get swept away with it. The sign of an intelligent individual is in how he prepares in advance for a looming crisis. Commercial mortgages are coming due in droves. Do not be caught left behind Be pro active and take action today.

Most Commercial Loans and Mortgages traditionaily have been handled by Commercial Banks. However in the present financial climate with CMBS at a state of heightened risk do not be surprised if your friendly banker turns out to be not so friendly. That is where Financial Brokers come into their own we represent your alternative source of loan funding. Hit that contact us button now.
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