Why Entrust Your Loan to Me?

At present I am the only person answering the phone here, however at any given point in time I can call upon a network of other brokers to assist me if the problem is bigger than I can handle. Other than that there is a large number of lenders that is within reach of just a phone call to review or answer questions about  your loan. 

If after going through this website you still have questions remaining, please feel free to fill out our contact form and input as much detail as you possible can. I promise you a thorough and complete answer to all your questions.

 This it is Important!
How many loans have you done in the past year? if that answer is no more than two, my next question would be were they successful?

I believe that building strong lender relationships is incredibly important and to work closely with any Lender endangers greater success in placing loans. Unless you can say you have that kind of relationship  you will always have need of a broker. 

In speaking to a lender who specializes in construction only, I mentioned a client who needed a loan for a Green Energy project. To my surprise he was most interested. He stated that he had done one once before and was keeping his eyes open for any such opportunity that came his way again.

In another situation a lender had refused my every attempt to get him to even look at a certain loan, his every answer was not interested. Finally before we hung up I mentioned a loan I was working on for a Hydroponic plant.  Would you believe it? He was interested. This was from a lender who's speciality was in hospitality only.

Lenders are specialists and for the most part they will very  likely not lend out of their comfort zone. Many will not lend to Churches, some will lend to Clubs but not Restaurants.

With banks less motivated to lend to small business, and female Business Owners are finding it even more difficult to obtain loans. The services of your Loan Broker becomes even more important.

Now if you have gone over this website but you are not yet ready to submit your loan, that is OK. Please return here from time to time as the information will be updated constantly as the market changes. 

However should you need a loan please go to the submit page, fill out the form and the process will have begun.

Thank you for reading the information contained.

WM Elias

 Without sounding as thought I am blowing my own horn, I have been involved with my own business in one form or another since my teenage years. I have also held various positions of management in the Church and in business for about the same amount of time. At one time I held the position of District Youth Leader over 5 City churches.

The following random list gives you an idea of what my various experiences have been and what it could mean to have me as part of your loan team.

  • I am the holder of a Business Plan Writing Certificate.
  • I completed several courses in business management.
  • I am still a Licensed Insurance Agent.
  • I have been in Business in one form or another for over40 years.
  • I passed the National Mortgage brokers exam?
  • With the exception of Asia I have worked on projects worldwide.
  • I would be quite happy to invest all that experience in helping you to secure your next loan.

When the Federal Government suggest that a Business Person spend 4 full days in man hours searching for a loan, you know that securing a loan is no walk in the park. There is quite a proliferation of small Business lenders within the last decade, however without naming names many charge quite exorbitant interest rates. How would you know where to find a tried and true lender who has been there from before this new breed of lenders came upon the scene?  Another report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York states that many simply give up with obtaining the loan that they needed. Let this not be said of you.