The Loans We Work On.
  1. Project Loans for Commercial, Business and Scientific  Enterprises.
    Project Loans for Commercial, Business and Scientific Enterprises.
    Loans to the energy sector for Green or renewable energy and large commercial projects are just another type of loan we deal with.
  2. Investment Homes
    Investment Homes
    Loans for investment properties have increased within the last several years. There is no better time to acquire that second income generating property then now.
  3. Hospitality & Commercial Mortgage Loans
    Hospitality & Commercial Mortgage Loans
    There are many lenders who are actively seeking loans in the hospitality sector. Also multi family and apartment loans are being sought by lenders
  4. Small Business Loans
    Small Business Loans
    Many Small business persons are finding it difficult to obtain loans. The problem being that most lenders prefer loans in the million dollar category. We can always do an SBA loan package for you Mr or Mrs small business person.

Business Loans Made Easy
We turn Your Dreams into reality

As a matter of everyday interplay in the lenders marketplace more loans get turned down than are funded. Most of the fault lies with the borrowers. They failed to prepare properly; they did not do their homework well or was simply seeking a dream with a wish list. Since you are not that kind of person I will add some details as to why loans fail in the hope that yours will succeed.​​
     Why Loans Fail​​
The most amazing thing that could be found in the business world is that there are people who would like to be  seen as serious business persons but who would apply for a loan without a Business Plan of any sort. They have it all in their heads and somehow they expect that the Lander to see it as clearly as they do. Never worked, never will. You will need to send from that plan an Executive Summary of not more than about six pages. Submitting it to the wrong lender will certainly result in failure also.

   Why Loans Fail​​
The second most ridiculous reason is not as obvious as the first but just as important. You need to get a professional Accountant to prepare you Spread Sheet that will show just how the money you are seeking will be spent. Also if the idea is a startup you will need to have invested in it first before anyone else might be willing to take a look; 20% is a good percentage to aim at. They call it 'Skin in the Game.' Your investments could include lands bought cost of plans drawn up, and any other soft costs that you might have occured. In Loans for Technology startups many investors might be willing to partner with you, however they may ask for up to 40%  share in the company.

 Why Loans Fail​​
The third reason might appear obvious to most yet many are those who still resort to good old fashion lying. You do not lie to your Lawyer ,your Doctor, and your Priest. May I add a fourth; do not lie to your Lender.
You will only get so far on a lie but in the end you will be caught and we would have all just done an exercise in futility. Always tell your lender just the facts. This is not an exaustive list, but just the most obvious reasons for failure.
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